The hot weather is here and along with it comes sundresses, skirts and for some chaffing. Good intro no? Dresses and skirts are no doubt more comfy when the mercury rises however if you are a larger lady, or someone who’s legs touch/rub together when you walk in a dress it can be unbearable—I happen to be one of those people. I have therefore spent a lot of time reading up on how to prevent said discomfort. Below is what I’ve come across and what I think is a waste of time and money. The first thing I came across also helps with bikini-zone red bumps as well as chaffing. I was watching a documentary about transvestites and one said that after she shaves her upper thighs/bikini-zone she applies antiperspirant. I did some further research and other sources have confirmed that this does indeed prevent the little red bumps/in-grown hairs associated with the bikini-zone. In addition it provides a layer of protection and prevents sweating (which makes everything worse down there). I personally have found that this makes a great short term solution but, if you are going to be out in the blazing hot sun, walking for hours then it wears off in about 2 hours at which point you’re back in pain town.

I use Dove Men+Care because it doesn’t have a nauseating floral scent.

Running/jogging blogs and forums are a good source for information on the topic of chaffing. Which is where I came across a liquid silicone based product that you roll onto the chaff-prone areas. I have not used it myself but the joggers out there swear by it and it’s cheap enough to give it a try.

At $8.50 you can’t afford not to try it really…

All of the modern solutions got me to thinking about what ladies in the 50’s/60’s did about this problem and then it dawned on me—They had different undergarments, here’s the difference.

  1. Women wore super comfy granny panties made of 100% cotton or 100% silk. Which is more breathable and offers more coverage than modern undies. This totally helps I suggest switching undies.
  2. Most women wore either a girdle or panty girdle many of which cover the inner thighs. The modern equivalent is spanx, which I have never worn nor will I ever; they look terribly uncomfortable and not very breathable. They also cost a lot for what seems like a rather low cost item.

Light support and a light price makes this a great entry level panty girdle.

Spanx cost twice as much and are half the quality of real panty girdles.



After surveying the land I have settled on sweat wicking bike shorts. I know this really isn’t a revelation but it was for me. With all the new stretchy (not compressing like spanx), sweat wicking, various coloured fabric available this is by far my favourite choice. I try to get ones that closely match either my skin colour or the colour of the dress/skirt I will be wearing them with. I prefer shorts that are about 2-3inches above the knee and are seamless. This above all the other options helps the most. The added bonus with bike shorts is when it’s windy and your dress blows over your head no one will see your polka dot undies. I am pretty resolved in my chaffing solution but I’d really like to know what you guys do to prevent it.

2 for $12 at Wal-Mart, beat that!

Helpful? not helpful? Let me know, I’d love feedback.

I am under a bit of a fog today partly due to cold medication and party due to said cold that is being medicated. This could either greatly improve this blog post (due to cold medicines ability to make me focus intently on one topic) or it could all go to pot. On with the post either way!

I have seen 3 Days of the Condor many many times for several reasons.

  1. Who doesn’t love Robert Redford?
  2. It’s an actiony thrillery film that everyone seems to always agree to watching.
  3. It’s set in 1970’s New York, what could be better?

I won’t bore you all with a methodically written review/synopsis of the movie, I merely suggest you give it a go and see if you like it. I will however post many screen captures to lure you into doing so.

The fashion in the film is A-MAY-ZING! Robert Redford is incredibly dreamy with his perfectly feathered schoolboy hair and large wireframe glasses (a trend that looks stupid on everyone accept him and maybe Sally Jessy Raphael). His casual outfit looks like it was ripped from the pages of a Ralph Lauren look book. I seriously love the classic American look, and he wears it well. Faye Dunaway isn’t so bad herself; she is stunning as usual and sports fashionable for the time looks which could easily be translated to 2012. But really, this film is all about Redford for me anyway.

The film overall has a great casual, sophisticated, American style that sucks you in and makes you wish it were 1975 and that Mr. Redford would hold you hostage on a rainy New York night. Because that can never be I have gathered items that (if purchased) could allow one to live the fantasy.

Sport CoatScarfGlasses

Button DownTieJeans, Sweater, Bag

Hat, Sweater, Watch

Coat, Skirt, Boots, Bag

If your interest is peaked please jump over to my tumblr page for more screen caps. Just a warning some of my tumblr pics are NSFW (hugely NSFW on many levels) as I focus on sleaze, gore, kitsch, and more. If you like/dislike this style of entry please let me know in the comments.

I did this blog post as part of a class I am taking on advertising. I thought that it would be a useful addition to the discussion of fat shaming. Because the platform we use for school blogging ( is closed to outside readers I am reposting what I’ve put on there (hence the reference to essay Q). I definitely would love this to spark conversation so please do not hesitate to leave comments or email me directly. In addition, I would like to take a moment to gush over a blog that I really love and that inspired me to take on this particular topic of discussion. That would be The Nearsighted Owl, Richele’s infectious self-love philosophy and writings on the fat acceptance movement have definitely made an impact on my own body image and for that I say thinks for having a blog! Now on with the show.

Fat shaming is the (un)intended outcome of our culture’s obsession with the thin, white, impossibly beautiful model. Bias’ related to weight only become apparent when contrasted with societal ‘norms’ and are so pervasive that they affect every aspect of a fat person’s life, from work and social relationships, to getting sound medial advice. The fat acceptance movement hopes to educate people to change their preconceived notions of what being fat means.

I have chosen to do essay Q. Part of the suggested resources for this essay is “killing us softly 3”, I went ahead and watched it (here), and found that Jean Kilbourne had updated her talk once again (titled “Killing us softly 4), which you can watch here. Done watching the videos? Good, lets move on. I would like to draw the connection between the topics discussed in “Killing us softly 4” (KUS4) and the Fat Acceptance Movement (also called fat liberation, fat activism, or fat power).

In KUS4 Jean Kilbourne highlights the systemic sexualization, infantilization, dehumanization, shaming, of women and how that culturally produced hate leads to violence towards women, self hate in the form of eating disorders, depression and low self esteem. Kilbourne urges us to fight against this overwhelmingly misogynistic portrayal of women and I feel the Fat acceptance movement does just that.

Fat acceptance is a social movement to change culturally accepted misinformation as it relates to body image, health, and notions of beauty- especially in women. It argues that fat people are constantly dehumanized, demonized and discriminated against (a fact that is proven in KUS4, through the collection of advertisements Kilbourne shows). Fat acceptance draws attention to the cultural acceptance of this dehumanization of fat people- that makes them a source of ridicule, humour, or pity. The movement essentially fights for equality, equality in the way fat people are treated societally, equality in their representations in the media, and in the medical field (it is interesting to note that even doctors are biased by media’s presumption that thin automatically equals healthy. A falsity which studies have, time and time again, proven to be false. You can read more about that here).

The fat acceptance movement has grown exponentially with the proliferation of the Internet as a means to connect activists. This increased connection combined with a greater public voice (through blogs, social networks, and viral ad campaigns) has induced change, however small it may be. . This culturally created bias that paints fat people as lazy, unhealthy, and pitiful can only change if everyone learns to accept himself or herself and fight for equality for all body sizes and types. Many women have decided to stop hating and embrace the body they have. This is seen through the fat acceptance movement, the fuck flattering movement, and the growing number of this activists taking on the movement in solidarity. Progression is slow (which I have talked about in previous blog posts on moodle) however, and people are still reluctant recognize this as a cultural problem and speak out against this destructive discrimination.

I have compiled a few examples of the difference between fat women in advertisements and thin. An overwhelming theme is that of fat shaming (which is taken to egregious heights in the Georgia school board ad campaign (seen above)- truly disgusting if you ask me).

Another theme I encountered was with fat, female musicians. Female artists such as Beth Ditto and Adele are constantly asked about and forced to justify their weight. There seems to be an incredoulous “what do you mean you don’t care, but YOU’RE FAT!?” air that follows their confidence. It is interesting to note that fat male artists rare have to justify their weight, think of Reuban Studdard, or Jonah Hill. The message this sends is obvious, women cannot be fat as well as healthy, happy, and confident, but men can.

Another outcome of our society’s obsession with the thin, beautiful, and white model as the pinnacle of beauty is addressed in the videos below. The doll test is over 40 years old, but still produces similar results as it did so many years ago- white is best, black is bad.


I think we can all agree that this is truly heartbreakingly sad. That women continue to be treated as objects whose only purpose is that of beauty makes it impossible for us to attain equality. We spend so much time, energy, and money trying to live up to standards that are impossible (without laxatives and photoshop anyway) that it takes that same energy away from being citizens. If we as women (big and small, black white and everything in-between, abled and disabled) say “fuck it!” and divert our energy to becoming equal citizens (this means becoming members of parliament, activists, teachers, and healthy informed people) instead of bikini models, then and only then will society be better off as a whole. *note this last paragraph was added just for you guys, and not included on my original school post. How lucky are you!?

First, an update! The Mr. and I moved back to Toronto which has been amazing for our social life and (at least for myself) devastating to the pocket book. I love my city (and although I left for two years it has always been my city) but things are more expensive across the board- rent, food, outings etc. That having been said Andrew and I have been taking full advantage of our new/old city and have seen a tonne of movies as of late.

The most recent movie we’ve seen is Black Orpheus (or Orfeu Negro in Portuguese) put on, for FREE!, by the U of T Cinema Studies Students Union (CINSSU). CINSSU plays movies (often foreign but not always) for free so if you live in Toronto and are broke it’s a great night out. Anyway, to get back on topic, Black Orpheus is directed by Marcel Camus and is based on the Greek legend of Orpheus and Eurydice. The movie takes place in Rio during Carnival, which is as spectacular as you might imagine. The film relies heavily on visual story telling to great effect. As it takes place during Carnival there is a constant back drop of revelry audible in every scene whether an intense love scene, fight scene, or a bout of slap stick fun. The combination of spectacular visuals and a constant stream of sound really makes the movie a physical experience as you become engrossed in the drama and embraced by the Carnival spirit. Other incentives to see this movie include a stunning leading man and woman, Rio de Janerio as the back drop, amazing late 1950’s fashion, and a killer Bossa Nova soundtrack. I enjoyed the movie so much that I thought I’d share some screen caps with you in the hopes that you’ll see it too. I will be posting these and other screen caps on the Tumblr blog so check them out too!

As a little bit of bonus trivia, the two leads in Black Orpheus died just 42 days apart in the Summer of 2008- eerie huh?

I have been reading I’ll Take the Snap Out of Your Garters blog for quite some time now and I feel that Amy Jeanne has an over arching theme in regards to her vintage dressing posts- wear what you want but do it with confidence and alan! Recently she has taken to doing some advice posts (which are great, and fun to read) and I have to say I like the ease of doing these type of posts. That said, I’m inspired! I wanted to tackle the questions ITTSOOYG has recently answered and give it my own spin. I also want to open up the floor to all of you! Send me your answers to the questions as well as any new ones that you get asked frequently.

Let me start by saying that the one thing I find so fascinating and liberating about vintage is having the ability to mix and match, to take something old and use it in a way its never been used before. To show how different one piece can be when accessorized differently I’ve included three ways of wearing a great plaid 1970’s dress. Please note that I have been “reading” Fudge magazine a lot lately- hence the weird pseudo-Japanese naming of the outfits.


Now on with the question!

How can I dress vintage without looking like a costume?

There are several ways to look at this. The first being that by simply wearing a cohesive vintage look, you are making a costume. Keep in mind that some people want that I- just-walked-out-of-1949-total-package-perfect look. My only problem with this approach is that if you do not have the mannerisms, manners, and general “old world” charm-school personality to go along with the look, it kills it. All to many times I’ve seen a beautifully perfect time-specific look ruined by a ladies’ rough, truck driver walk or manners. If you’re going for the whole package, it all needs to match and that includes how you act. I feel even, then it is technically a costume, at least in my mind.

The second approach is to mix and match different eras to make a unique and modern interpretation of vintage. I personally prefer this as it is not as constricting as the decade perfect look. I also like to include menswear pieces and repurposed items.

In the end I feel it is important to care how you look and what your looks says about you. By simply putting in the effort to think about How can I dress vintage without looking like a costume? is so much more effort than the average person already puts in.

By caring you’ve set yourself ahead but trying is how you set yourself apart.


Hello Everyone,

I am back from the black hole that is university and I officially have time to devote to my blog again. To get things rolling for the summer I have created a step by step, printable pdf of how to patch denim jeans. Please feel free to download, link, share, or reblog my tutorial and don’t forget to leave me feedback on how I can improve for the next one. Speaking of which, what would you like to see as my next mending tutorial? Leave a message with suggestions.

mending jeans tutorial

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I’ve done some screen captures from the movie Crazed Fruit. I am a huge fan of the imagery in this film as well as the story lin eof this film, everything is really nicely shot and the soundtrack is to die for.


If you like the trailer check out some screen shots and buy the movie while you’re at it!

I hope you think so too!

I’ve been much more inspired by finding images and sharing them then creating blog posts soooooooo I got a tumblr account! Follow me if you really like awesome vintage pictures that make amazing desktop backgrounds!


I am a huge Russ Meyer fan so I thought I’d take the time to share some screen caps from Wild Gals of the Naked West. This movie is probably one of his most ‘arty’ films, as the naked ladies are at a minimum (for him anyway) and bizarre imagery is at a maximum. Enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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